Broadcast TV

Ofcom: risks of structural decline in TV industry appear to be growing

TV viewing in the UK has been falling since 2010 but saw a steeper decline in 2017, with the risks of structural decline in the industry appearing to be growing.   This was one of the findings of Ofcom’s Communications Market Report, a major study on how communications services are changing in the UK, which shines […]

UK broadcast TV viewing has been falling since 2012, says Ofcom

The proportion of the UK population who watch broadcast TV on an average week remains high, but has been falling since 2012, according to broadcast regulator Ofcom. In its 2015 Communications Market Report, published this month, Ofcom said that 93.4% of the UK watched broadcast TV weekly in 2013, a figure which dropped to 92.4% […]

OTT to ‘end broadcast TV as we know it’

The emergence of the likes of Netflix and Amazon Prime Instant Video signals “the end of broadcast TV as we know it”, according to media analyst Juniper Research. A new study suggests the OTT market will be generating revenues of US$31.6 billion by 2019, up from the US$8 billion taken last year. This will encompass […]

More people to watch streamed video than broadcast TV this year

In 2015 more people will watch streamed on-demand video on a weekly basis than broadcast TV, according to research by Ericsson.  Discussing the findings of its recent ConsumerLab ’10 Hot Consumer Trends for 2015’ report, Michael Björn, head of research at Ericsson ConsumerLab, said that at the overall hours we spend watching streamed video will […]

Netflix boss predicts the end of broadcast TV

Netflix CEO Reed Hasting has said that broadcast TV’s days are numbered. The boss of the US-listed streaming service was speaking at a company event in Mexico this week when he made the bold proclamation that over the air TV will last another 16 years, suggesting it would become antiquated in the face of new […]

Streaming closing in on linear viewing, says Ericsson

Streaming habits are “closing in on linear TV” consumption, with the proportion of streamed video consumption now almost on a par with scheduled broadcast TV, according to a new global study by Ericsson. The 2014 ConsumerLab report on TV and media trends found that 75% of consumers watched streamed video – including YouTube clips, TV […]

Binge viewing enjoyed by 80% of viewers

Broadcast TV remains “the staple of in-home entertainment,” though 80% of people now admit to ‘binge viewing’ TV content, according to new research by technology provider Arris. The Arris Consumer Entertainment Index claimed that 14% of those surveyed admitted to binge viewing – watching multiple episodes of a TV show in a single sitting – […]