IPTV transformation for SETAR in Aruba

More than a next generation TV platform

As the leader in Technology, Media, and Telecommunications on Aruba, SETAR continuously brings the newest technologies and innovative products, services, and apps to the Aruban community. The TV operator offers advanced mobile, Cable TV, high-speed Internet services, and fixed telephony for residential and business customers. The company ensures that residents and visitors of Aruba have access to the highest Internet speeds on their fixed and mobile networks on the island. Constant innovation in the technology of telecommunications is their mission for the further development of the company and the island.


In order to meet the needs of today’s customers, SETAR set out to create a high-speed internet infrastructure, enabling next generation services with the focus on interactive TV/Video.

Here is an overview of the specific goals of this project:
• The company was looking for a video delivery domain expert to partner with so they could remain focused on their core day to day commercial activities. This partner had to be able to support with the needed transformational and operational aspects of this project (designing, building, deploying and operating).
• SETAR wanted to be able to migrate their remaining COAX customers to Fiber whenever they wanted, at their own pace. The new interactive TV service should therefore be able to run on both infrastructures.
• The new platform had to provide high quality and intuitive OTT experiences (e.g.¬ Netflix), as this is the new standard for TV.
• The old COAX TV platform was a walled garden for video, whereas the new service would have to handle full IP/OTT end-to-end. In order to ensure a high-quality delivery, SETAR needed to be able to manage and control the last mile (in-home network).
• Temporary engineering support for their day to day operations would be required in order to ensure the highest possible service quality and provide maximum visibility on the platform’s health status.


With over twenty years of focused video delivery domain experience, Divitel became the partner SETAR was looking for, for the transformation and operation of their new IPTV/OTT platform:

• In our talks with SETAR, we created business insights, aligning internal vision and business goals to platform requirements and in turn, aligning these requirements to technology.
• The new architecture includes Catch up TV, Pause live TV, Restart TV, HD TV, Advanced VOD stores including Movie VoD and HBO Series, Network PVR, reaching viewers anytime, anywhere through Set top box, Android and iOs apps.
• Integrations of Middleware backend, Frontend, Transcoding, DRM, CDN and Set top box were done and deployed in accordance to the Scaled Agile Framework methodology.
• The hybrid solution made it possible to run the new Interactive TV platform on Fiber, Mobile and HFC infrastructures
• In order to improve in-home connectivity, the new ecosystem includes Managed Mesh WiFi technology which provides real-time visibility and control into subscribers’ in-home connectivity. SETAR can resolve and prevent problems in the TV and internet environment remotely which makes their customer service not only much more customer friendly, but also much more efficient. This way, SETAR was able to reduce costs related to technician roll outs and truck-rolls and at the same time enable subscribers to watch their favorite shows anytime anywhere in their home, with a perfect quality.


Since SETAR wanted to focus on their core business, Divitel co-manages all day to day activities, remotely from the Divitel Operating Center in our headquarters in the Netherlands. From there, we continuously improve the quality and performance of the SETAR IPTV service, measured by important KPI’s such as Speed of Root Cause Analysis, Number of Tickets, Mean time to Recover and First time Right.

How do we do this?
• First, we ingest all available data from all possible monitoring locations throughout the service.
• Then, our experts continuously correlate, interpret and translate this data into insights and then code their knowledge into workflows. This way the system becomes increasingly intelligent with each failure that we detect and solve.
• The operational insights and automatic workflows are then translated into alerts and dashboards which monitor the health status of the system, alarming engineers in case of any failure.

Our engineers are continuously building operational insights in order to continuously improve the efficiency of operations. We co-manage the new platform together with Setar engineers and make everything ready for them to eventually operate by themselves.

The reason that Setar decided to co-manage with Divitel is that in comparison to traditional management methods, our approach shows proven positive impact. We manage different platforms for TV operators all around the world and our approach there generates the following improvements in comparison to traditional approaches:


“We are committed to bringing the newest technologies, apps, products, and services for the island of Aruba, and that is why we have partnered with Divitel to provide our customers with the most advanced platform on the market,” said Raul Ponson, Sector Manager Technical Affairs at SETAR.

About Divitel

Based on over 20 years of focused and independent video domain expertise, Divitel’s mission is to bring small- and mid-sized TV operators and media companies up to speed in the digital transformation race, by improving their service quality to a level that can compete with the new OTT media giants.
With customers all over the globe, Divitel is a partner for all things video, offering cutting-edge technology, transformation tooling and advice, end-to-end deployments and continuously improving operations solutions and services ranging from OTT to IPTV and DVB-T to -S. We empower cable operators, internet providers, broadcasters and content owners, with a data-driven approach that powers predictive automation and increases profitability and efficiency.
Divitel has its own ISO27001 certified Operating Center (DOC) in the Netherlands, from which we remotely run customers’ daily video services. The DOC is a data driven operational environment allowing us to remotely ensure a high Quality of Service and Quality of Experience for video delivery networks around the world.

Our offerings include transformation tooling and advice, deployments and operational support.

Divitel engineers are experts in ensuring the availability, capacity, continuity and security of video delivery networks. Our service team manages complete on-premise IPTV networks, hosted cloud solutions and everything in between for millions of end-users every day.
For more information check out divitel.com.

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