Live expert chat: Insight into thematic OTT services delivering content in a world of giants

Join us for an in-depth analysis and discussion about thematic OTT services, based on the results of the Digital TV Europe Annual Industry Survey and original research by Omdia. Topics include:

  • A first look at Omdia’s research into the rise of thematic streaming services on behalf of platform provider Magine Pro. Attendees also get first access to the report via a download link after the session.
  • For the first time on a global scale, hear forecasts on revenue and consumption for thematic services.
  • Experts share their opinions on the report findings and the future of thematic OTT services, including the market opportunities and challenges they face.
  • How content and b2b partnerships can drive growth for thematic services and increase user engagement.
  • Magine Pro partner shares the realities of operating a thematic OTT service.

Matthew Wilkinson, CEO, Magine Pro
María José Revaldería, Director General, FlixOlé
Maria Rua Aguete, Executive Director of Media, Service Providers & Platforms, Omdia
Max Signorelli, Media & Entertainment Research Analyst, Omdia
Stuart Thomson, Editor, Digital TV Europe

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