Survey | Do set-tops and set-top software have a future? Please share your expert views

The humble pay TV set-top box finds itself at a crossroads. In a media ecosystem defined by app ubiquity and D2C availability, the rationale for deploying proprietary hardware – as well as the proprietary software that runs on that hardware – is up for discussion.

We at Omdia would like to know how the brightest minds in the video industry view, and understand the value of, pay TV set-top box software. What does the industry require of its set-top software vendors? Which vendors are best placed to meet these requirements? Is there a definitive time horizon on managed hardware-and-software? If so, how quickly will the sun set?

The editorial team at Omdia will fully anonymize and incorporate the survey results into an in-depth report on the set-top software industry, its leading players, the strength of these players’ market positioning, and their future prospects.

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