Vodafone Deutschland launches new GigaTV box and CI+ module

Vodafone Deutschland’s new hybrid cable and streaming set-top box GigaTV is now available, with the German provider also offering its customers a new CI+ module for cable TV.

GigaTV Home Sound

GigaTV Home Sound (Source: Vodafone Deutschland)

There are two versions of the TV box –  the GigaTV Home and the GigaTV Home Sound.  Both offer a selection of TV channels, streaming services, media libraries and video-on-demand content.

Netflix, DAZN, Disney+, RTL+, and Prime Video are already pre-installed, with other apps easily downloaded via the integrated Google Playstore. It also has a Google voice assistant functionality.

The GigaTV Home Sound box has three speakers with integrated Dolby Atmos technology, which has been sound-optimised by acoustic experts at Bang & Olufsen.

The TV package offers access to 82 TV channels in SD and 57 TV channels in HD, with the option to add more HD channels via the Vodafone Premium pay-TV package for an additional charge of €5 per month

Vodafone has also introduced its new CI+ Smart Module, with a separate smart card is no longer required. The operator said the module has to be inserted into the CI+ slot of the television, priced for €3.99 per month.

The standard model, Giga TV Home, is available for €9/99 for the first six months of a 24-month contract, and €14.99 thereafter.

The Bang & OIufsen Home Sound version costs an additional €5 per month.

The GigaTV offering will be extended to Vodafone Premium customers who want to use GigaTV via an internet connection which was previously only available for cable customers. GigaTV incl. Vodafone Premium’ is available as part of the 24-month contract period for the first six months from €14.99 euros per month. After that, the monthly fee is €19.99.

The telco said it the GigaTV launch marks the first time, customers in Germany can watch TV via cable or the Internet with one and the same TV box.

“With GigaTV, we are now going on the offensive in television. We are bringing TV in the highest quality and much easier to our customers – regardless of whether they rely on cable or the Internet for their television,” says the new Vodafone Germany CEO Marcel de Groot.

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