Insight TV launches factual FAST channels on Vidaa

Millennial-skewed global channel operator, Insight TV, is rolling out three FAST channels on the Vidaa Smart TV platform across European markets, USA, Canada, and Australia.

VidaaLifestyle channel Infast, nature and wildlife-focused Inwild and Science/Technology-first Inwonder will launch on the Vidaa Smart TV platform over the next month.

The channels will be available across Benelux, Poland, Germany, USA, Canada, UK, and Australia.

Original productions such as Journey Within, Graveyard Carz, and A Taste of Travel will roll-out on Infast.

Inwonder viewers will have access to the Xploration Outer Space series and The Re-Inventors premiere.

Whilst, Inwild’s programming will include Migrations, Islands, and Race of Life.

Based in Amsterdam, Insight TV deliver non-scripted “story-driven” programming across a range of genres and verticals. According to the company, Insight TV’s channels currently reach over 400 million households in 57 countries worldwide, across 12 languages.

It is also behind linear TV flagship channels include Inultra (4K UHD) and Inplus (HD). Along with action & sports channel Introuble and travel & lifestyle channel Intravel.

The provider recently rolled out its FAST channels and AVOD content to TCLtv+, Titan OS, Phillips, and Bolt+ globally.

Natalie Boot, VP of FAST, Insight TV, said: “As we continue to grow the global presence of our FAST channel bouquet, we are excited for our partnership with the Smart TV OS and Content Platform -Vidaa. Together we will strengthen our distribution and extend our reach across more regions and territories, with more lined up for the coming future. Our commitment to delivering dynamic millennial and Gen-Z content remains the foundation as we embrace this collaboration with Vidaa.”

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