Deutsche Telekom launches second generation MagentaTV One box

© Photo credit: Deutsche Telekom/ iStock/Suchada Tansirimas; Montage: Evelyn Ebert Meneses (Source: Deutsche Telekom)

Deutsche Telekom has launched the second generation of its premium TV box MagentaTV One.

Telekom said that the device offers access to over 150 channels in HD, streaming services and media libraries as well as numerous apps via the Google Play Store.

The telco highlighted the combination of entertainment from linear television and streaming services in one place and ease of navigation via a personalised quick start bar and comprehensive search capability, including of partner content.

The box supports timeshift, restart and seven-day replay. Depending on the tariff, up to 100 hours of TV recordings can be saved in the cloud.

On a new remote control, a TV button takes viewers straight to the current TV programme, while a star button allows them to start up to six freely selectable favorite apps at the push of a button.

A Home button always leads directly to the MagentaTV home page. If available, a restart button plays a current TV programme from the beginning while a microphone button activates the Magenta voice assistant.

Telekom said that the buttons on the remote control also glow in the dark for ‘an optimal home cinema atmosphere’, but only when the remote control is moved. The brightness and duration of the lighting can be adjusted.

The telco said that the packaging around the box is free of plastic and the housings of the TV box and remote control are mainly made of bio-based and recycled plastics

The second generation of the MagentaTV One offers 32 GB instead of the previous 16 GB of storage space and supports up to Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth 5. Like the previous version, it is available for €5 per month or for a one-off price of €169. The prerequisite for using the

Telekom also highlighted that all 51 games of the UEFA Euro 2024 foorball championship will be broadcast live and in UHD quality on MagentaTV, five of them exclusively.

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