France’s FAST Media launches documentary channel

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French FAST joint venture FAST Media has teamed up with producer Gedeon Media Group to launch documentary channel Docstory.

FAST Media, a joint-venture between producer Backbone, founded by ex-Mediawan exec Richard Maroko, and German distributor Palatin Media, founded by Bernd Schloetterer, dedicated to FAST channels, and Gedeon Media Group are pitching the channel as a FAST offering dedicated to documentaries in French-speaking countries:

Docstory will lean on Gedeon Media’s catalogue. The producer operates subsidiaries Gedeon Programmes, Docland Yard and MC4. Terranoa, the Group’s distribution subsidiary will also contribute to the channel’s programming with its catalogue comprising 2,000 hours and representing over 100 outside producers on top of Gedeon’s in house productions.

The channel will focus on discovery, heritage, history, travel and adventure, and civilizations, and will be available in France, Belgium, Switzerland and French-speaking Africa, launching on Samsung TV Plus on May 7, and extending its reach on other platforms.

Docstory is FAST Media’s 12th channel, adding to a portfolio that also includes Wasabi (anime), Enquêtes de Choc (reports), Homicide (true crime), Y a Que la Vérité qui Compte, Motus, and Drive TV (motors) as well as the five European channels of Yu Gi Oh!

The channels are broadcast throughout Europe on all platforms, including Samsung TV+, Molotov, Freevee, LG, Pluto TV, Rakuten TV, Xiaomi, Plex, Titan, Rlaxx TV etc…

Other projects are already scheduled for launch in the third quarter of 2024 in France, Spain and Germany.

Gedeon Media Group, made up of four subsidiaries, produces over fifty hours of documentaries a year for all the major French and foreign TV channels and platforms.

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