Viaplay unveils new operating model, with changes to executive management team

Viaplay Group has revealed a new Nordic country-based operating model and changes to its executive management team.

It comes following the departure of former Viaplay boss Anders Jensen and appointment of Jørgen Madsen Lindemann as president and CEO.

The new model aims to improve operating efficiency and performance, sharpen the group’s focus on the development of market-relevant product offerings, and accelerate the ongoing review of the company’s operations and return on investment.

The model will be based around country management teams with full responsibility for the daily operation and strategic development of the businesses, including full line of sight and accountability for sales, costs, profitability, cashflows, content, marketing and people operations.

Madsen Lindemann will become interim CEO of the Swedish and Finnish operations while the search is made for a permanent appointment. Lars Bo Jeppesen has been named as EVP and CEO of the Danish and Icelandic operations and will join the group on August 1, with Kenneth Andresen to serve as interim CEO of the Norwegian operation.

Peter Nørrelund, who returned the Group as EVP and chief sports & business development officer, will also oversee operations in the Netherlands, Poland, Baltics, and the UK.

Also reporting to Madsen Lindemann is Enrique Patrickson, EVP, chief financial officer and head of strategy and M&A, Philip Wågnert (EVP and chief technology & product officer, My Perrone, EVP and group general counsel, Matthew Hooper, EVP and chief corporate affairs officer, Vanda Rapti, EVP, Viaplay Select & Content Distribution and Christian Albeck, EVP, Content Acquisition.

The new operating model and changes to the executive management team comes into force from July 1, with the financial impact of the resulting changes to be announced as part of the update by July 20.

Madsen Lindemann said: “This is the first of what will be a number of step changes to ensure that we are investing in the areas where we see the greatest potential, that we are laser focused on the daily business of creating locally relevant products and experiences, and that we are as close as possible to our customers. We are reviewing the competitiveness of all of our operations, and will make the necessary changes in order to drive higher performance levels and improve the returns on our content and technology investments.”

“The new team has the competence, experience and passion to drive the business forward. The new set-up provides both continuity and challenge, which are both essential elements in how we will run the Group together. We have very dedicated and talented teams across the Group, and this new set-up will enable the effective combination of our creative and commercial priorities.”

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