Snapchat+ hits 4 million subscribers in first year

Social network Snap Inc has announced its subscription service Snapchat+ has reached 4 million subscribers in its first year since its launch.

Snap parent company of Snapchat+ launched in June 2022, with access to exclusive, experimental and pre-release features.

The platform provides subscribers with a first look at brand new offerings like Snapchat for Web and an AI powered Chatbot, My AI.

The company revealed from today Snapchat+ subscribers have access to more than 20 features, including custom app themes, unique app icons, and the ability to pin a #1 BFF.

The youth-oriented social media platform, app is expected to launch new features, expressive chat messages and Custom Chat Colours. The feature allows subscribers to communicate their moods with expressive font sizes. While Custom Chat Colours allows customers to pick a hue that represents them best for messages to friends.

Earlier this year, Snapchat partnered with BBC Studios to host made-for-mobile, short-form content on the app.

Available via Snapchat Discover, BBC Studios will host highlights and behind the scenes content from the studios’ leading shows, including Top Gear and EastEnders as well as science and nature content from BBC Earth.

BBC Studios’ channel Funny Parts has also launched Snapchat, with digital-first commissions, Hack Attack and Little Rants.

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