Netflix stops basic-without-ads plan in Canada

Netflix and growth in developing marketsNetflix has stopped making its basic plan without ads available to new subscribers in Canada.

The move, which could presage a wider cull of basic tier offerings in other markets, reduces the number of options available to Canadian subscribers from four to three, including two versions of a ‘standard’ package – one with ads and one without – permitting access on two devices.

The basic without ads service was previously available for C$9.99, allowing viewing on a single screen at any one time, with an ad-supported version available since last November for C$5.99.

Canadians can also sign up for Netflix’s standard package permitting access on two screens for C$16.49, and a premium offering with access on up to four screens, for C$20.99.

Netflix has used Canada as a testbed for features later introduced elsewhere, including its password-sharing crackdown.

The streamer currently makes little effort to market its lowest ad-free tier in the US, which could suggest it will follow up by removing it as an option there too. The ad-free basic plan is not visible on the initial sign-up page, and new subscdribers have to click on a ‘see all plans’ button to find it.

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