DAZN sets to make move for EFL rights

Sports streamer DAZN will reportedly get rid of the 3pm blackout in its bid to stream all 1,656 English Football League (EFL) matches.

According to The Times DAZN has offered EFL £200million a year for the global rights to EFL’s 2024-25 season, with other offers expected to come from Viaplay, Sky Sports and BT/TNT Sports.

It also follows the streaming service’s bid for the rights to the Premier League.

It is reported DAZN will lift the 60-year Saturday afternoon blackout period implemented under UEFA’s Article 48, which blocks the broadcast of games at any level in England between 2.45pm and 5.15pm.

Sources close to DAZN said it will “help close the gap with the Premier League – which is good for the whole league structure”, with a general feeling among DAZN that the league is underexposed.

DAZN reportedly will also a partnership with other broadcasters, which will air the games for free in primetime slots, according to the i.

Shay Segev, CEO of DAZN recently said the UK football market including the EFL was “a high priority on my list.”

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