Draken Film finetunes hybrid streaming model

Gothenburg Film festival’s streaming service Draken Film, has launched a new hybrid concept for streaming and cinemas, designed to boost independent cinema and refresh existing business models. 

Following the pandemic, Sweden’s Gothenburg Film festival launched a combined online and cinema festival, using Draken Film on the Magine Pro platform. Draken Film has since gathered data and insights from the last two years to further finetune the business model in an aim to distribute its catalogue of films to a wider audience.

Draken Film’s subscribers will have access to complementary cinema tickets to a curated selection of current releases as part of their monthly subscription offer.

Head of Draken Film, Olle Agebro said: “Hosting online events for festival films and world premieres always implies tight deadlines and challenging conditions. Working with Magine has allowed us to be really flexible, doing last-minute adjustments with really short lead times and also given us time to focus on our core capability: working with our audience and bringing unique films to arthouse fans all over Sweden”

”Their team has used the advantages in our tech platform in an excellent way, and at the same time successfully tested different approaches to meet the commercial challenges in the movie industry,” Mathew Wilkinson, CEO of Magine Pro.

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