Proximus integrates Netflix in its OTT service Pickx

Jim Casteele

Leading Belgium operator Proximus has integrated Netflix in its OTT platform Pickx.

Pickx customers with the latest TV Box will be able to find personalized suggestions from Netflix through the Pickx homepage on their TV screen.

The company said the new feature on the Pickx platform is expected to be completed by 13 February which will require a software update on TV boxes.

In addition, the Pickx TV interface will include movies and series suggestions by Netflix based on their viewing habits. Pickx customers with a Netflix’s subscription can find a dedicated section containing direct links to Netflix’s most relevant titles in that category.

The new feature will be made available to all customers with an Android TV Box (v7), the latest generation of Proximus decoders.

Jim Casteele, Proximus’s consumer market lead said, “Pickx guarantees a seamless TV experience with the best content. I am therefore very proud to announce today that we are taking our platform one step further, allowing customers to discover Netflix titles directly in their familiar Pickx environment. In doing so, we demonstrate once again that we continue to innovate to provide our customers with a great viewing experience and make Pickx an all-in-one platform where everyone easily finds their favorite content and apps.”

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