Parrot Analytics: Netflix tops in-demand list for Germany

Netflix’s drama The Witcher topped the list of the most in-demand digital originals in Germany for the week ending March 19, narrowly beating sci-fi series Star Trek: Picard.

The Witcher was 19.24 times more ‘in-demand’ than the market average for shows in Germany that week, compared with 19 times the average for Star Trek: Picard. While the latter comes from Paramount+, the ViacomCBS/Paramount-owned streamer will not be available in the German market until later this year, when it is expected to launch on Sky’s platform. Star Trek: Picard is currently available internationally via Amazon Prime Video.

Parrot Analytics analyses the demand for recent popular digital titles across international markets, based on the application of artificial intelligence to expressions of demand across social media, fan sites, peer-to-peer protocols and file-sharing platforms. The analyst illustrates demand expressions based on how much more popular a charted title is than an average TV show.

Netflix’s The Last Kingdom rounded off the top three of Parrot’s German listing. Overall, Netflix accounted for four of the top 10 originals, with Disney+ accounting for two. Number nine-placed How I Met Your Father from Hulu is also available via Disney+ in Germany.

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