Netflix shuts down Russian operation

Netflix has suspended its service in Russia.

Last week amid Russia’s ongoing invasion of Ukraine, Netflix said that it had stopped all future projects and acquisitions in Russia and has now gone one step further. 

A spokesperson for the streamer confirmed the decision, stating: “Given the circumstances on the ground, we have decided to suspend our service in Russia.”

Netflix had previously said that it would not comply with a new Russian law that would mandate that streaming services with over 100,000 subscribers carry 20 Russian channels including the state-backed Channel One. Asides from the fact that Netflix is simply not a livestreaming platform, the company has taken a strong stance in Russia similar to the likes of Microsoft and Apple who have suspended their business in the country.

Russia is a relatively new market for Netflix, where it launched in 2016. In that period it has amassed around one million subscribers.

Prior to this act of aggression from Russia, Netflix was working on four local productions in the country. It has recently made a 2015 documentary about the Euromaidan protests in Ukraine available to watch for free.

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