Disney latest to shut down Russian business

Disney has said that it will pause all elements of its business in Russia in light of the country’s ongoing invasion of Ukraine.

Along with shuttering linear channels and local content productions, the measures include the pausing of content and product licensing, Disney Cruise Line activities, and National Geographic magazine and tours.

This comes after a universal decision from Hollywood studios to stop releasing theatrical films in the country, alongside Warner Bros. and Sony Pictures Entertainment.

What is not covered by the announcement is Disney+, which has yet to launch in Russia. Rival streamer Netflix has also stopped operating in the country.

In a statement, Disney said: “Given the unrelenting assault on Ukraine and the escalating humanitarian crisis, we are taking steps to pause all other businesses in Russia.”

Due to contractual nuances, some businesses such as linear channels and content and product licensing will take time to pause. Others such as cruise operations and other tourist activities have immediately been halted.

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