Zylo launches telenovela channel on Samsung TV Plus

OTT channel publisher Zylo has announced the launch of a new channel on Samsung TV Plus in France and Switzerland.

The FAST channel, Fréquence Novelas, offers a wide range of telenovelas and Bollywood series. It will present new episodes of each soap opera and series every day. It will offer series from a range of territories, including Venezuela, Brazil, India and the USA.

The company said that content will be exclusively available at launch on Samsung TV Plus.

In addition to the deal to launch Fréquence Novelas, Zylo has announced an extension to its broadcast deals.

A new deal will see existing channels Ciné-Nanar, Scream’IN and Emotion’L on Samsung TV Plus, LG Channels, RakutenTV and TCL.

In a statement, the company said: “Zylo is now positioned as a channel creator for any third party or right holder interested in exploiting its content on connected TV and FAST or AVOD services.”

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