Wyplay teams up with Sceenic for watch together experiences

TV professional services and video platform technology provider Wyplay has teamed up with interactive viewing experiences specialist Sceenic to develop ‘co-watching’ offerings for TV operators.  

Sceenic has been developing Watch Together technology, based on a real-time video calling SDK, enabling people in the same group to watch the same content, fully synchronized, while also communicating via voice and video with all group members.

Wyplay is integrating and adapting this technology in its solutions for TV operators. The solution is available on mobiles and set-top boxes, using multiple operating systems including AndroidTV, RDK and Linux.

“We are very proud of this partnership with Sceenic, which brings the user experience to the next level. With Wyplay Professional Services, the Sceenic technology is integrated into the TV operator’s devices. The User Experience is designed and customized to bring the best services to the end-users. Co-watching a soccer match or a popular TV show becomes a real user-friendly and new experience,” said Dominique Feral, CSMO of Wyplay.

“We are delighted to enter this partnership with Wyplay, perfectly in line with our rapid expansion strategy. WyPlay shares our vision of the big screen as an interactive experience for users, allowing them to get closer together while creating unique and personalized experiences,” said Eric Kearley director of partnerships at Sceenic.

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