Iskon Internet turns to Beenius for new OTT launch

Deutsche Telekom Group-owned Croatian operator Iskon Internet has partnered with Beenius to launch a new OTT service in the country.

The platform is based on the Beenius Android TV Operator Tier OTT solution, and introduces users with a new service and user interface for TV consumption with new business models based on OTT offerings.

Beenius powers the central system that organises the complete IPTV/OTT ecosystem, management and operation of IPTV/OTT and Android TV services, including head-end and client site. Implementation of Android TV also required partner integrations with Broadpeak for CDN, CastLABS for DRM, WeTek for STB devices and ThinkAnalytics for recommendation system.

Krešimir Madunović, CEO at Iskon Internet, said: “The simplest way to identify needs is by listening to your customers and those who have given up on taking services while reviewing available commercial offers. When we overlap those needs with technological innovations and trends, we come to the optimal solution. This is how we detected the increased desire of users who want to connect their TV box wirelessly in any room, who want to choose TV channels they will activate and pay for, choose a TV service regardless of the telecom operator they have at home. 

“The timing was perfect after Google opened its system through the Android TV Operator Tier model and enabled significantly more advanced consumption of TV and other video content. Iskon.Play TV as our new service has been given the opportunity to meet customer needs by combining the latest Google services available.”

Filip Remškar, CEO at Beenius, said: “The introduction of the new Beenius Android TV application will increase the satisfaction of all Iskon Internet customers and expand its reach of potential customers. I believe that soon all Iskon Internet’s customers will migrate to Beenius Android TV since it is the advanced yet simple way to consume extended but recommended content. Such cooperation also enables Iskon Internet to introduce future services and improvements of Beenius development and innovation.”

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