m:tel turns to Agama Technologies and Antecna for video monitoring tech

Agama Technologies and Antecna have partnered to implement the former’s solution for monitoring and analysis of live TV channels and VOD streams at m:tel, the telecom operator in Bosnia and Herzegovina. 

The implementation promises to help detect faults and prevent problematic and low-quality IPTV streams from reaching end-users. It creates an end-to-end picture of the video processing chain through the central Agma Enterprise Platform and supports analytics and visualisation dashboards, centralised alarming, reporting and data integration with third-party apps, as well as system management.

m:tel’s IPTV platform will also use Agama’s Verifier product to validate VOD assets before they are ingested into the platform. 

Milan Aleksijević, CTO of m:tel, Banja Luka, said: “M:tel has recognized Agama Technologies as a reliable vendor which provides us tools for monitoring of IPTV services and thus ensure high quality of services for our demanding customers. It is extremely important to detect and correct incidents quickly and as early as possible, which is highly beneficial in this competitive and agile telco market.”

Mikael Dahlgren, CEO of Agama Technologies, said: “We are really excited to partner with Antecna to offer a truly powerful and robust solution to m:tel, a solution that fulfills its needs and greatly improves the monitoring of its systems. Being in control of your video delivery service, having a clear view of what might go wrong and being able to detect and resolve the problems even before they appear and impact viewers, is what most operators and broadcasters expect nowadays. Our technology detects early-stage issues, ensuring customers receive an extremely high-quality video experience.”

Aleksandar Antunovic, CEO of Antecna, said: “Our team was thrilled to use this holistic IPTV monitoring solution that helped m:tel engineers to detect early on any service degradation, thus preserving video quality and preventing any negative impact on its customers. Our mission is to use state-of-the-art technologies that give us an edge on the market, in order to offer quality services and keep our clients happy.”

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