ATEME introduces HDR10+ support for live transcoding

Video delivery solutions provider ATEME has announced the introduction of support for HDR10+ metadata in its TITAN Live transcoders.

The integration will enable broadcasters, service providers and content providers to significantly improve their viewers’ visual experiences with more accurate image renditions of live HDR10 content.

ATEME said that this is a world-first, as the ability to generate HDR10+ metadata had so far been available only for non-real-time content such as VOD or Ultra HD Blu-rays.

Thomas Burnichon, VP Innovation Strategy at ATEME, said: “Introducing HDR10+ to more use cases such as live sports streaming and ATSC 3.0 NextGen TV broadcast is transformative. It will make a difference for millions of viewers, enabling them to enjoy incredible colors that bring the events to life.”

Bill Mandel, VP Industry Relations at Samsung Research America, said: “ATEME video processing solutions are well regarded for their pristine video quality and are always at the forefront of innovation. Both quality and innovation are core values of HDR10+, making TITAN Live an ideal deployment vehicle.”

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