UEFA launches open tender for new media marketing partner

UEFA has launched an open tender for the marketing of its club competitions in a move which will give Europe’s richest clubs a greater say on broadcasting plans.

UEFA has historically worked exclusively with Swiss agency TEAM Marketing, but this has become a point of contention for top clubs who typically have more influence over the business matters in their domestic league.

The lack of control over broadcasting rights and overall business dealings was cited as a core reason for breaking away by the 12 clubs that tried – and failed – to create the much maligned Super League. 

Since the incident, UEFA has worked more closely with the European Club Association to ensure clubs do not attempt a breakaway again in the future.

This new open tender to replace TEAM post-2024 is one aspect of this, while UEFA has also announced plans to expand the number of games and teams in the Champions League. 

The process of selling rights to the 2024-27 cycle will start in Q2 2022.

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