OTTera integrates with IRIS.TV

White label OTT service OTTera has announced an integration with IRIS.TV.

The partnership will see OTTera become IRIS-enabled providing marketers with greater access to contextually relevant CTV inventory.

IRIS.TV’s technology enables analysis and contextual segmentation of individual videos for audio and visual cues across OTTera’s client libraries, yielding better insights and performance for advertisers and enhanced relevance for viewers.

The tech promises to simplify the fragmentation of the video ecosystem across CTV and premium digital video to provide access to video-level data. It unites thousands of potential marketplace integrations into a single ecosystem, bringing publishers, contextual data partners, ad servers, and SSPs together through a single platform.

Field Garthwaite, CEO & Co-Founder, IRIS.TV, said: “Through our partnership with OTTera, we are building an infrastructure that provides turn-key contextual targeting for CTV. OTTera’s seamless integration with IRIS.TV ensures that all CTV channels powered by OTTera, across all distribution platforms, from Apple TV to Samsung TV, are now IRIS-enabled and accessible to brands, data partners and SSPs alike. With the evolution of contextual targeting for video, the ability to target based on a common data set is critical for it to scale across the entire video ecosystem.”

Stephen L. Hodge, Chairman and co-CEO of OTTera, Inc. said: “The CTV marketplace has changed rapidly in the last few years, and OTTera has always looked to be at the forefront of emerging technology. Working with IRIS.TV to deliver highly-targeted contextually-based advertising is an essential component in this evolving ecosystem. With CTV advertising growing exponentially, IRIS.TV is the perfect solution for a winning user experience.”

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