Alchimie to rollout 30 channels on Samsung TV Plus

OTT channel creator Alchimie has struck a deal with Samsung to provide a range of its themed channels to Samsung’s  TV Plus mobile app.

Samsung’s  TV Plus mobile app is now available on select Samsung Galaxy tablets in France, Italy and Spain, following an earlier launch in the UK.

The 30 Alchimie channels available on Samsung TV Plus run across four languages and territories and will be populated and updated with Alchimie’s 65,000 hour multi-language library of content.

Samsung Galaxy smartphone and tablet owners in France will be able to access themed Alchimie channels in French, including the recently launched crime-focused channel Krime with movies, series and documentaries along with themed channels Luxe TV, Motorsport TV, Movies Central, Unearth, Sport en France, Humanity Documentaires, MySurf TV and Atelier des Chefs.

Alchimie will also offer Samsung TV Plus viewers in Italy Euronews for European news, Humanity Documentari for geopolitical and cultural documentaries and My Surf for surfing related content. Samsung TV Plus viewers in Spain will be able to view Alchimie Spanish channels Euronews, MMA TV, MySurf TV and Unearth, a channel to explore the natural world.

Samsung mobile and tablet customers in the UK have had free access to TV Plus on their Samsung devices since Spring 2021. Alchimie channels available to Samsung customers on the TV Plus app in the UK are Euronews, Luxe TV, Movies Central and Explore.

The Samsung TV Plus service, which is already available on all Samsung Smart TV models manufactured from 2016 onward in 24 countries around the world, will now be available on mobile and tablets in the UK, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Italy and Spain.

The mobile app will be exclusive to Samsung Galaxy phone or tablet owners, and available to download from the Google Play and Galaxy Store.

“Alchimie is delighted to have joined forces again with Samsung across Europe. Our channels are now available for free to millions of Samsung mobile and tablet devices in Italy, France and Spain, as well as the UK. Our themed channels appeal to TV Plus viewers’ passions, whether that’s French gastronomy, or Mixed Martial Arts, giving them content that resonates with their interest, and really engages and entertains, whenever they want and wherever they want,” said Jean Michel Neyret, Deputy Managing Director, Alchimie.

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