Indonesian Mola to deploy Broadpeak CDN tech

Indonesian entertainment network Mola has deployed Broadpeak’s content delivery network and video streaming tech on its OTT platform.

The company has deployed a comprehensive CDN solution from Broadpeak to optimise the delivery of ABR live sports streaming content, including English Premier League matches. The solution uses Broadpeak’s advanced CDN, BkM100 video delivery manager, and BkS400 HTTP video cache servers in order to deliver a high quality of experience while reducing video streaming costs.

Mola said that the Broadpeak tech substantially improves the QoE for viewers of Mola’s ABR streaming service, and that the BkM100 video delivery mediator allows it to choose the most appropriate BkS400 HTTP video cache servers for streaming live content.

Ching Ping Lee, chief technology officer at Mola, said: “Mola has become a hub for EPL matches and other live sports streaming content, and as our video streaming service grows, we need a scalable video delivery network solution for all screens. Broadpeak provides us with a scalable, flexible CDN solution that sets a path for seamless OTT growth in the future. With Broadpeak’s CDN, we can deliver a high QoE with low latency and reduced buffering, which is critical for live sports.”

Jacques Le Mancq, CEO at Broadpeak, said: “We are excited to partner with Mola, a premium content provider and aggregator in Indonesia. Live sports streaming is a huge revenue opportunity for content providers, but the environment can be complex. As a leader in the CDN market, we understand the unique challenges and opportunities of OTT and will bring increased efficiency, scalability, and exceptional quality to Mola’s streaming service so that they can keep fans engaged and satisfied.”

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