Africell takes Fix&Foxi for new mobile TV service

German kids content specialist Your Family Entertainment has struck a deal with African mobile operator Africell to include its Fix&Foxi channel as part of the latter’s upcoming mobile TV service.

Fix & Foxi

Africell’s  mobile TV service has been piloted in The Gambia and will soon launch in Sierra Leone and Democratic Republic of Congo. The platform features a variety of channels, covering a wide range of genres from movies and documentaries to music and learning programmes.

The mobile network operator has more than 12 million customers in four African countries, the fourth being Uganda. The company has also said it plans to expand its presence to other markets including Angola and Zimbabwe. Africell announced in May that it had srtruck a deal with the North American International Finance Agency for Development giving it access to third party funds for a launch in Angola.

Fix&Foxi is Your Family Entertainment’s international family channel and provides entertainment and educational content for children of all ages with a blend of 2D, CGI-animated and live-action TV programmes.

Armin Schnell, EVP of sales at Your Family Entertainment said: “We are proud to partner with a renowned company like Africell and to continue expanding the Fix&Foxi Channel into new territories. We are looking forward to bringing our high-quality and learning-based content to new viewers in Africa.”

Nadia Moati, Africell operations director, said: “We are always looking for ways to bring more and better content to our subscribers. Adding Fix&Foxi Channel to our mobile TV platform is a natural choice because it raises the overall quality of the platform and will give millions of children the opportunity to enjoy fun, imaginative and educational programming”.


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