Half of Spaniards consuming paid streaming video

Half of Spanish home with internet access now consume paid-for streaming video, according to the latest statistics published by markets regulator the CNMC.

According to the watchdog, 49.6% of internet homes used such services at the end of last year, up from 40.5% at the end of 2019, a growth rate of 23%. The number of homes using such services has grown from just 12% in four years.

The CNMC found that some 53% of Spaniards watched audiovisual content online at least once a week, with a majority of individuals– 57.5% – watching short-form content. Episodes of series accounted were viewed by 50.3%, and movies were watched by 41.1%.

News and information videos were watched by 31.2%, while documentaries were watched by 18% and sports by 16.4%.

The CNMC’s regular study of Spanish internet users also found that nine out of 10 habitually accessed the web via mobile devices, as was the case a year previously. The number accessing the internet via desktops had fallen slightly in the meantime, from 34% to 32%, while the number accessing via laptop had risen from 49.5% to 54%. The number of Spaniards accessing the web via television also increased, from 17.1% to 19.4%.

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