Xandr and TiVo announce CTV advertising partnership

WarnerMedia-owned ad and analytics business Xandr has announced a partnership with TiVo.

The partnership will see Xander Marketplace buyers gain access to TiVo’s ad-supported CTV inventory. TiVo meanwhile will utilise Xander Monetize for its management capabilities, yield optimisation analytics and buyer demand.

Xandr said that total spend on its platform grew 75% YoY in Q1 2021. This was largely driven by CTV’s 235% increase over the same period, with its platform designed to streamline the process of executing high quality CTV campaigns.

TiVo’s CTV solutions focus on pre-roll DVR and CTV ad units across AVOD streaming services. In a release, Xandr said that this partnership will allow buyers to “achieve the granularity of advanced targeting with the power of broadcast spots and engage their target audiences at scale through one streamlined CTV buy”.

Walt Horstman, SVP of Monetisation, TiVo, said: “By integrating with Xandr’s advanced technology platform, TiVo is furthering our commitment to providing advertising partners with the tools they need to effectively and efficiently communicate their marketing messages, at scale. Xandr’s end-to-end platform enables a direct and streamlined exchange with buyers, providing unique and heightened value as the CTV ecosystem grows in complexity.”

Alex Chatfield, vice president, Marketplace Development, Xandr, said: “We’re excited to offer buyers in the Xandr Marketplace access to TiVo’s diverse content and inventory types as well as its highly engaged audiences. Xandr is committed to providing buyers with a robust, transparent, and data-rich infrastructure of deals that unlocks net new targeting and increased access to premium CTV inventory at scale.”

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