Global pay TV revenues to surpass US$1 billion despite cord cutting

The global pay TV industry will surpass one billion subscribers in the coming years, but progress is slowing.

According to Digital TV Research, 15 million households worldwide will sign up for pay TV services between 2020-26, taking the total to 1.02 billion. However, while 92 countries will add pay TV subscribers, a further 46 will lose them.

IPTV will continue to be the area of growth, adding 63 million subscribers during the period to reach 378 million. Its increases however will be offset by the 46 million households predicted to cut out cable TV, and the 8 million who will move away from satellite TV.

Pay DTT will be the only other area of growth, adding 6 million subs – mostly in Africa.           

Simon Murray, principal analyst at Digital TV Research, said: “China and India will together continue to provide just under half the world’s pay TV subscribers. China will lose 10 million subscribers between 2020 and 2026 as OTT platforms are more appealing than traditional pay TV. However, India will add 21 million pay TV subscribers. The US will be the biggest loser – down by 16 million subscribers.”

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