Vodafone España deploys TiVo Sponsored Discovery

TiVo has announced a deal with Vodafone España that will see the Spanish operator deploy its Sponsored Discovery product across the Vodafone TV platform.

The product promises to give content owners a new way to promote content on the platform via its targeted advertising solution. Sponsored Discovery achieves this by dynamically placing content promotions into key recommendation carousels to help streamline viewing choices.

Sponsored Discovery is currently deployed by a number of top operators in North America, with TiVo saying that this new rollout with Vodafone will expand its footprint to over six million homes globally.

The company claims that US operators utilising Sponsored Discovery between January 2019 to December 2020 saw an average uplift in tune-in rate of 153%.

Walt Horstman, senior vice president, monetisation at TiVo, said: “Sponsored Discovery is already helping content owners find new audiences in an increasingly complex discovery journey. Vodafone’s adoption of this product will both delight their customers by helping them find relevant content and open new revenue streams for Vodafone, delivering even more value for Vodafone’s relationship with TiVo.”

Ignacio García-Legaz, head of TV, Vodafone España, said: “We are excited to work with TiVo to bring Sponsored Discovery to the VTV platform in Spain. In doing so, we are ensuring that content that is relevant to our customers’ tastes and interests is easier to find.”

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