Programmatic TV advertising to take off in 2021, claims report

2021 will be ‘the year of programmatic TV advertising in Europe’, claims a new report.

According to a BTR-100 survey commissioned by ad firm Hoppr, 87.4% of network service provider executives think that programmatic advertising delivered through CTVs and set-top boxes will be an important source of revenue for network service providers and pay TV operators in Europe. 

The report goes on to note that a similarly high amount of respondents (85.4%) believe that new ad-tech developments are making it easier to deploy programmatic initiatives, while 74.8% said that  their NSPs are already generating programmatic advertising revenues in one form or another.

Cyril Daoud, CEO of Hoppr, said: “The uptake of Connected TVs by consumers across Europe through the pandemic year of 2020 has created an intelligent infrastructure that allows pay TV operators and network service providers to deliver highly targeted messages to connected-home audiences in an automated manner.

“Our first annual survey of European operators reveals a thriving new business model that is creating much more intimate ties between consumers and brands. European service providers are in an ideal position to tailor engaging advertising content with a level of precision and transparency that is already revolutionising the industry.”

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