Spearad introduces Selective Programmatic advertising

Addressable TV advertising firm Spearad has introduced what it calls ‘Selective Programmatic’ TV advertising.

The company describes Selective Programmatic as “a revolution in programmatic advertising” for CTV and OTT providers. The technology allows broadcasters to view and verify advertising content they receive via programmatic channels. 

The tech differs from traditional programmatic advertising by allowing customers to view advertising content before it is displayed, whereas traditional programmatic advertising is automated. Users can view the advertising content before it is displayed, and approve or decline it with a click. 

Spearad CEO Erhard Neumann said:  “We want to prevent the shortcomings of digital advertising are transferred to CTV and OTT. Only Selective Programmatic ensures high quality ad breaks while in parallel allowing transparent program advertising.

“Viewer expectations from digital TV channels of any kind is that it provides the same viewing experience as Linear TV. When you automatically string together uncontrolled ads, viewers will be annoyed – which will lead to less acceptance. High acceptance of TV advertising is what is critical for TV providers, though.”

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