Sky ups prices in UK

Sky has announced price increases in the UK.

Broadband and TV customers will be stung by an average price increase of £36 per year, with that number varying depending on what products customers take.

The Sky Broadband essential package will be increased by £3 per month, with the anytime calls package going up by £2 per month. 

In terms of TV, the Sky Signature bundle – which offers access to channels like Sky Atlantic and Sky Comedy – and the Multiscreen add-on will go up by £1 per month. The HD add-on also will go up by £1 per month as will the Sky Ultimate bundle which packages a basic Sky offer with Netflix. Other packages meanwhile, including Sky Cinema and Sky Kids, will remain unchanged.

Sky said that price increases will be capped at £6 per month – translating to £72 per year. Sky noted that 8% of its customers will be impacted by the maximum increase, and that they have the right to leave their contracts without penalty. 

The announcement comes at an expensive time for plugged-in TV viewers. Netflix has announced a price increase to come into effect from March, while Disney+ will similarly up its price by £2 per month when it launches the Star content hub on February 23.

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