Orange France teams with VOD Factory to launch nine new services

Orange France has added nine new subscription on-demand TV services via a partnership with on-demand technology platform provider VOD Factory, which provides a user interface and content offerings.

Orange said that thanks to VOD Factory’s ability to bring new services quickly to set-tops that can receive Orange TV it plans to launch further enhancements to its VOD offering  soon.

The nine new services that have just been launched include movie services Shadowz, a horror-themed film service, available for €4.99 a month, Queerscreen, an LGBT-themed service for €6.98 a month, and Benshi, a kids-focused service with a selection of about 200 films aimed at young viewers over three years-old, available for €4.99 a month.

VOD Factory is also bringing education and instruction-themed services: Le Tigre YogaPlay, a yoga and meditation service for €8; SchoolMouv, a curriculum-based educational offering for €19.99, imusic-school Piano, a music-teaching service for €2.99 a month, and imusic-school Guitare, providing guitar lessons also for €2.99 a month.

The additions also include Zone300 Chasse, offering hunting-themed content for €9.98, and Zone300 Peche, with fishing-based content, available for the same price.

Two other services – ADN, an animation-based VOD service, and Spicee, offering documentaries – will be added to the platform in the next few weeks.

All of VOD Factory’s offerings are available on Orange’s latest generation of set-tops across metropolitan France and in its overseas Departments.

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