Thema launches

Canal+ International subsidiary Thema has announced the launch of its first multi-screen OTT service in Italy. is a new OTT service specifically targeting Italy’s African communities. It initially launched as an array of channels in France called Le bouquet Africain, with the offer providing access to 27 TV channels.

This new OTT service currently includes access to 10 live channels along with an extensive VOD catalogue. Subscribers can choose from three different packages, with each offering a range of different services.

For the launch, Thema has partnered with Alpha Networks and is utilising the vendor’s Beemix platform. The platform is fully deployed in the cloud and promises to offer the advantages of a pre-integrated solution.

The app is now available on Android and iOS devices via their respective app stores, and can be watched on TV via Chromecast and AirPlay.

Sylvie Michel, deputy CEO of THEMA, said: “I am very proud of this launch, which is fully in line with the strategic orientation undertaken by THEMA on the digital field. This new OTT service powered by Alpha Networks’s beemix platform is a first step forward in the development of B2C solutions and its launch leads the way for new ones.”

Guillaume Devezeaux, CMO at Alpha Networks, said: “We are very pleased that Thema trusted Alpha Networks and that we could help them deliver an innovative multi-screen OTT experience to subscribers. Beemix is an advanced product allowing our customers to focus exclusively on their marketing strategy. It includes video workflow, advanced content and offer subscription management, user profiles management and can also be combined with our white label applications to benefit from a complete E2E solution. Scalability and innovation are at the core of our products.”

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