Community Fibre partners with Netgem for ‘pay TV lite’ offer

London-based full-fibre broadband provider Community Fibre has partnered with Netgem to launch a TV service.

Dubbed Community Fibre TV, the offer will leverage Netgem’s branded solution for UK ISPs and launch in 2020. For Netgem, the service builds on Origin TV, a comparable offering launched by the Rotheram ISP earlier this year.

Community Fibre boasts the claim of offering broadband packages with speeds of up to 3Gbps in the capital, with the new platform looking to “hit the sweet spot of a ‘pay TV lite’ solution”. This translates to a platform that can access on demand content from Amazon Prime Video, YouTube 4K, BritBox and Rakuten TV Movies, along with ‘many other’ platforms.

Sylvain Thevenot, chief commercial and customer officer (C3O) for Netgem said: ”London consumers will finally get to enjoy the full 21st century entertainment experience combining award winning connectivity from Community Fibre with the top-of-the-range TV service we have developed for UK ISPs. The service pulls together all the most popular live channels with easy-to-find streaming titles across many On-demand platforms, keeping everyone entertained on faster broadband and at an affordable price.”

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