AWS announces plans for Swiss data centres

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has announced that it will open data centres across Switzerland in 2022.

The company, which ended 2019 with revenues of over US$35 billion, will open what it calls an “infrastructure region” in the country, complementing existing regions in France, Ireland, Germany, Sweden, Italy and the UK. The company also has announced that it will open additional regions in Spain, Indonesia and Japan in the coming years.

The AWS Europe (Zurich) Region region will be made up of three availability zones, with tech infrastructure in separate and distinct geographic locations. These locations, the company says, have enough distance between them to reduce the impact of continuity while being close together enough to provide low latency.

Peter DeSantis, SVP of Global Infrastructure and Customer Support at AWS, said: “For more than 14 years, AWS has supported organizations across almost every industry in Switzerland to speed up innovation, lower their IT costs, and transform their operations.”

The addition of the Zurich region will enable local customers with data residency requirements to store their data in Switzerland, and companies will also have access to Amazon’s cloud services including AI, compute, database, machine learning and IoT.

DeSantis said: “AWS is excited to announce our upcoming region in Switzerland and help Swiss institutions, innovative startups, and world-leading pharma companies deliver cloud-powered applications to fuel economic development across the country.”

At a similar time, AWS will open its Spanish region, with launch planned for late 2022-early 2023.

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