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Reducing cloud usage at top of the agenda for cost-cutting Netflix

Following two consecutive quarters of subscriber decline, Netflix is looking for ways to cut costs. According to the Wall Street Journal, the most pressing issue for the company that has laid off more than 400 staff this year is its rapidly rising cloud computing costs. The company has aspirations to reach 500 million global subscribers […]

Google shifts parts of YouTube to Google Cloud Platform

Google is moving parts of YouTube to its cloud service. The video platform, which has 2 billion monthly active users and is the second most-visited website on the internet, currently exists solely within Google’s internal data centre infrastructure.  The move comes at a time when Google is looking to increase its presence in the cloud […]

AWS announces plans for Swiss data centres

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has announced that it will open data centres across Switzerland in 2022. The company, which ended 2019 with revenues of over US$35 billion, will open what it calls an “infrastructure region” in the country, complementing existing regions in France, Ireland, Germany, Sweden, Italy and the UK. The company also has announced […]

AWS taps Twitch technology to launch Amazon Interactive Video Service

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has launched Amazon Interactive Video Service (Amazon IVS), which the company describes as a fully managed service designed to enable video providers to set up live, interactive video streams for a web or mobile application in a few minutes. Amazon IVS uses the same technology that powers esports service Twitch, with […]

Bundesliga taps AWS for new features as season restarts

Germany’s Bundesliga has tapped Amazon Web Services (AWS) to provide real-time game analysis and match facts for the resumption of matches following the coronavirus lockdown in the country. AWS will provide its services for the highlight match at 18:30 CET featuring Borussia Dortmund vs. Bayern Muenchen on broadcast television in over 200 countries. AWS will deliver two […]

OTT market to reach US$330 billion by 2025

The fast-growing OTT market is set to reach new heights in the coming years, a new report has claimed. According to a new study from Allied Market Research, the global OTT market reached US$97.43 billion (€86.97 billion) in 2017 and is projected to reach US$332.52 billion (€296.81 billion) by 2025. This translates to a compound […]

AWS Elemental launches suite of media services

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has unveiled a suite of five AWS Elemental Media Services that are designed to make it easy for video providers to create cloud-based video offerings. Amazon announced the news to coincide with its AWS re:Invent conference in Las Vegas and said that customers can use the suite to build customised video applications, […]

Amazon Web Services to open Middle East data centres by 2019

Amazon Web Services is due to build new infrastructure and open data centres in the Middle East by early 2019, enabling customers to offer lower-latency web services in the region. Amazon said that the new AWS Middle East (Bahrain) Region will consist of three ‘Availability Zones’ at launch, and added it will launch an AWS […]

AWS Elemental founder Sam Blackman dies aged 41

The founder of Amazon Web Services-owned Elemental Technologies, Sam Blackman, has died aged 41 of a reported cardiac arrest. New of Blackman’s death was first reported by the local press in Portland, Oregon, where he was a respected member of the local tech scene. A statement issued by the Blackman family said that Sam had […]

Hulu taps Amazon Web Services for live TV offering

Hulu selected Amazon Web Services (AWS) as the cloud provider for its recently launched Hulu with Live TV streaming service. AWS revealed details of the partnership yesterday and said it is providing the scalable infrastructure to support Hulu’s addition of more than 50 live channels following its launch of live, over-the-top TV in May 2017. […]