Arirang TV selects Globecast for Western Europe Simply K-Pop launch

South Korean English-language TV network Arirang TV has announced an extended partnership with satellite operator Globecast to launch its HD channel in Western Europe.

The deal will see the Simply K-Pop music channel, which is aimed at international audiences, broadcast across the region on satellite Astra 1L at 19.2°E.

Arirang TV, operated by the Korea International Broadcasting Foundation, is based in Seoul and consists of a portfolio of channels aimed at an overseas audience. It has been broadcasting in the UK and Asia in 2016, and said that the new deal will allow it to reach 26 million homes in HD across the region.

Lee, Yong-Jae distribution director at Arirang TV, said, “We have a highly valued relationship with Globecast and we very much trust the technical expertise and the quality of services they provide. Given the strength of our relationship, it made absolute sense to expand our partnership, trusting Globecast with this next phase of our company’s growth. Platforms across Europe were eager for us to upgrade to HD, but this had to be achieved as cost-effectively as possible.”

Seechai Tan, head of sales at Globecast Asia, said, “Arirang TV had a stringent budget for expansion in the European market but they were very keen to upgrade their channel to HD to meet affiliate and viewer demand for a higher quality service. We studied the market together and came up with the best solution for them to help them shape the future development of their business.”

This is the latest deal for Globecast and Arirang TV, with the operator already handling multiple distribution services for the South Korean broadcaster.

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