Gracenote launches cross-platform search and discovery tool for sports content

Nielsen-owned metadata firm Gracenote has launched a new offering which promises to enable cross-platform search and discovery for sports content.

Gracenote Streaming Sports Catalogs allows providers to connect fans to live games and related content available across different over-the-top (OTT) sources.

The proliferation of sports content among a growing number of OTT services has led to confusion for consumers, but Gracenote said that this solution will ensure “that valuable sports content is easily searchable and discoverable across previously siloed TV platforms, services and devices.”

Entertainment providers can now, via the solution, integrate sports programming into cross-platform search and discovery features. This is achieved by packaging normalised description information for live sports events, availability information, deep links and related content on popular OTT services.

Streaming Sports Catalogs will initially cover games played by the major US leagues such as the NFL, NBA, MLB and NHL. Gracenote said that more sports internationally will be added “over time” with a goal to “include every available sporting event from mainstream to longtail across all streaming services.”

Simon Adams, chief product officer of Gracenote, said: “While increasing consumer choice, the rapid rise of sports driven OTT services is making it ever more challenging for sports fans to find and watch their favorite teams play.

“Our breakthrough Streaming Sports Catalogs solution allows TV providers to connect sports programming to its most fervent fans in a simple way that enables powerful new engagement opportunities.”

Streaming Sports Catalogs joins Gracenote’s Streaming Video portfolio, and sits alongside products including  Streaming Video Catalogs (formerly Online Video Data) and Streaming Lineups (formerly vMVPD Lineups).

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