Vizio sued for TV display patent infringement

TV maker Vizio has been sued by Japanese consumer electronics manufacturer Maxell over alleged patent infringement.

According to Reuters, Maxell has alleged that Vizio infringed on a patent that includes the ability to display content from certain sources via USB, wireless adapters or digital broadcast signals. The case also accuses Vizio of infringing on a patent around the upscaling of images and image-processing technology.

The company acquired the patents from Hitachi in 2009, and licences them along with other patents to consumer electronics brands. 

The complaint goes on to claim that Vizio had been aware of the patent portfolio since 2013 when it entered an agreement with Hitachi while being aware that two of its suppliers have licensed Maxell’s patents.  

Maxell also said that it notified Vizio of the infringement last month and that the parties had been unable to reach a licensing agreement.

Maxell and Vizio are yet to comment on the case.

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