Divitel joins ELITE

Video services software provider Divitel has joined ELITE.

ELITE is an international SME network and private market part of Euronext Group. The network provides companies with access to funding options and is made up of successful entrepreneurs, advisors, brokers and investors.

Divitel CEO and Founder Hans Kornmann, said: “As an innovative company, Divitel’s ongoing mission is to search for ways to make video distribution faster, better and easier. ELITE membership will make us part of their ecosystem which represents the future, unlocking all necessary resources to realize our goals faster and more efficiently.” 

Marta Testi, CEO of ELITE – Euronext Group, said: “We are excited to announce Divitel has joined ELITE. ELITE’s mission is to support high-impact entrepreneurship to foster economic growth and sustainable development. The number of ELITE members has been constantly growing over the last few years reaching, to date, over 1600 private companies, generating €111 billion in combined revenues and employing over 665,000 people. So far ELITE companies have undertaken several transactions worth in aggregate almost €16bn, confirming SMEs’ dynamism when provided with efficient access to private and public markets. ELITE’s success is testament of its ever-growing key role in championing the best of Europe’s businesses, directing capital and solutions to empower the change-makers and high-impact entrepreneurs.”

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