Novelsat and Spacecom achieve world’s highest spectral efficiency over AMOS-17

AMOS satellite operator Spacecom and Novelsat have announced the successful demonstration of high capacity satellite transmission with spectral efficiency of 10.5 bit/Hz over AMOS-17 high performance HTS utilising Novelsat DUET CEC (carrier-echo-cancellation) band reuse technology.

The pair claim that this is the world’s highest spectral efficiency over AMOS-17.

In particular, Novelsat modems established a symmetrical link over AMOS-17 Ka HTS and Ku beams and reached 64APSK modulation with 9/10 FEC rate and 2% roll-off.

This achieved a data rate of 854Mbps over of 81.6MHz bandwidth and 753Mbps over 72MHz bandwidth, demonstrating spectral efficiency of 10.5 bit/Hz.

The companies said that the “extraordinary performance” was achieved without any power backoff or additional satellite padding, and without requiring predistortion calibration.

Aviv Ronai, VP marketing and product at Novelsat, said: “ Novelsat NS4 waveform has proven to bring tremendous value to our customers and we are happy to demonstrate its outstanding performance over the advanced fully digital AMOS 17 satellite. Our technological superiority makes our satellite connectivity solutions the ideal, go-to-choice for service providers worldwide who are looking to efficiently support their most demanding applications.”

Amit Hoomash, product manager at Spacecom said: “We were excited to demonstrate with Novelsat the very high throughput our customers can enjoy on AMOS-17, without having to compromise on solution complexity. The throughput and efficiencies of AMOS-17’s beams are unique over Sub Saharan Africa. Novelsat’s modems and team proved this, while using one modem per site and small antenna. Together with Novelsat, we are able to address important market segments with cost-effective, easy to deploy and maintain solutions.”

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