Cellcom and Novelsat team up for 5G video

Israeli mobile operator Cellcom has partnered with connectivity technology outfit NovelSat to collaborate on a pilot of real-time video content distribution on 5G network infrastructure.  As part of the pilot, Cellcom will implement a full 5G network for delivering video content to multiple user devices. Video content from the CellcomTV service will be distributed in […]

Novelsat and Spacecom achieve world’s highest spectral efficiency over AMOS-17

AMOS satellite operator Spacecom and Novelsat have announced the successful demonstration of high capacity satellite transmission with spectral efficiency of 10.5 bit/Hz over AMOS-17 high performance HTS utilising Novelsat DUET CEC (carrier-echo-cancellation) band reuse technology. The pair claim that this is the world’s highest spectral efficiency over AMOS-17. In particular, Novelsat modems established a symmetrical […]

Globecast chooses NovelSat S3 for live events

Media services provider Globecast has chosen Israel-based NovelSat’s satellite modulation technology for global distribution of some of the major events that its outside broadcast units cover. According to NovelSat, Globecast will add NovelSat satellite transmission products to its existing capabilities and will use NovelSat’s NS3-based NS1000 and NS2000 satellite modulators and demodulators. NovelSat claims that […]

NovelSat to demo NS4 technology

Satellite transmission technology provider NovelSat is due to stage demos of its NovelSat NS4 technology at the Satellite Show in Washington in March and NAB in Las Vegas in April.  Novelsat claims that NS4, a successor to NovelSat NS3, can offer up to 45% higher spectral efficiency compared with DVB-S2, the industry leading satellite transmission […]

NovelSat launches new DSNG bandwidth saving technology

Satellite transmission technology specialist NovelSat has launched NovelSat FreeBand, a new solution that it says gives broadcasters free satellite bandwidth for occasional video contribution. According to NovelSat, FreeBand allows them to use the same bandwidth, at the same frequency, both to send video to the point-to-multipoint distribution network and to receive video from digital satellite […]

NovelSat launches dedicated modem

Satellite technology specialist NovelSat has launched the NS3000 modem, which it says can achieve data rates of up to 716Mbps and bandwidth increases of between 20% and 50% over DVB-S2 alternatives.   The NS3000 combines NovelSat’s NS3 satellite modulation and demodulation technology, together with bi-directional IP routing and traffic compression in a single device, whilst […]

EBU selects NovelSat for satellite modulation

The European Broadcasting Union has selected satellite technology company NovelSat’s NS3 satellite modulation technology to distribute news and sports content within its global network. The EBU is using NovelSat’s NS3-powered NS1000 and NS2000 satellite modulators and demodulators. NovelSat said the deployment of its satellite modulation technology enables the EBU to reduce costs while increasing bandwidth […]