Cellcom and Novelsat team up for 5G video

Israeli mobile operator Cellcom has partnered with connectivity technology outfit NovelSat to collaborate on a pilot of real-time video content distribution on 5G network infrastructure. 

As part of the pilot, Cellcom will implement a full 5G network for delivering video content to multiple user devices.

Video content from the CellcomTV service will be distributed in real time to 5G base stations by Novelsat’s technology.

At the cell site, Novelsat’s platform will perform video processing using edge-computing capabilities and will stream video content to a range of user devices.

The pair said that the pilot will demonstrate the benefits of edge-based video delivery in terms of both video traffic efficiency and end-user experience quality (QoE).

“Video streaming is congesting mobile networks. With 5G, mobile service providers are aiming to introduce even more video content and services, delivering HD and UHD quality, with no added latency, to any user device – from smartphones to TV sets. The planned pilot with Cellcom will showcase and examine Novelsat’s pioneering end-to-end approach to resolving video delivery challenges by utilizing ultra-efficient content distribution and serving video traffic from as close to users as possible. Setting the bar for video delivery efficiency and performance, Novelsat’s solution leads to reduced network costs and a superior quality of experience, paving the way for advanced video services over 5G networks,” said Gary Drutin. CEO of Novelsat.

“5G, the fifth generation of mobile, is driving new and amazing products and services. Along with the deployment of our 5G network throughout the country, Cellcom is stimulating innovation in 5G and supports initiatives that bring greater and better experiences to our customers,” said Yaniv Koriat, Cellcom’s VP of technology


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