NovelSat launches new DSNG bandwidth saving technology

Satellite transmission technology specialist NovelSat has launched NovelSat FreeBand, a new solution that it says gives broadcasters free satellite bandwidth for occasional video contribution.

According to NovelSat, FreeBand allows them to use the same bandwidth, at the same frequency, both to send video to the point-to-multipoint distribution network and to receive video from digital satellite newsgathering and the like.

The company said that this will allow broadcasters to avoid paying for satellite bandwidth every time the deploy a remote contribution unit within the footprint of their satellite distribution network.

The solution is delivered via NovelSat Duet, a band re-use technology, in conjunction with either DVB-S2 modulation or NovelSat’s proprietary NS3 satellite transmission technology at the remote site.

By transmitting well below the noise floor of the remote terminals, remote transmissions can be received by the NovelSat FreeBand modem at the distribution hub without interfering with outbound video transmission to the distribution network, according to NovelSat. The antenna at the distribution hub must be larger than the remote antenna for the system to work, according to the company.

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