Irdeto and IBM team up for pre-integrated cloud-based watermarking

Irdeto’s Dutch offices

Content security specialist Irdeto has integrated TraceMark for Distribution watermarking technology with IBM’s Aspera on Cloud file transfer technology.

Irdeto said that the combined offering would provide the film industry fast, easy to implement, affordable tool in the fight against piracy.

Irdeto and IBM said that their pre-integrated offering provides a solution to the challenge of having two separate workflows to transfer and watermark files.

The full integration of TraceMark and Aspera on Cloud eliminates the need for integrations of the two workflows and is replaced with fast deployments that scale to large numbers of distributed files and downloads, they said.

Irdeto said that customers can use a simple user interface to elect to watermark video files on the fly, while the content is being distributed to an end-user.

Irdeto has also launched a new, pay-for-use model that enables customers to pay for the number of files they watermark, rather than having a one-size fits all annual fee.

Customers can choose to subscribe for watermarking and/or detection services separately. The company said that the combination of pre-integration and the new business model would  make watermarking accessible to content owners and post-production houses of all sizes.

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