Chinese media companies demand short video platforms take action against content piracy

A group of more than 70 Chinese film and TV makers have called on short video platforms to remove content being used without authorisation. The group includes Chinese giants such as streamers iQIYI, Tencent Video and Alibaba’s Youku. According to a report from China’s national broadcaster CCTV, ‘hundreds of millions’ of Chinese internet users are […]

Rights-holders welcome new French antipiracy law

The French national assembly has adopted new anti-piracy legislation that sports rights-holders say could give a strong boost to their efforts to combat illicit consumption. Article 10 of the proposed new law allows rights-holders and broadcasters to obtain immediate injunctions from a judge to block, remove to de-reference pirate websites and servers that illegally distribute […]

French court fines sports pirates €7 million

A Rennes court in France has fined a group of pirates operating some 20 illicit streaming sites €7 million in damages and interests following complaints lodged by pay TV channel providers Canal+, beIN Sports and RMC Sport. The trio of operators teamed up with the Association de Lutte contre la Piraterie Audiovisuelle (ALPA) to pursue […]

Malasyian content industry rallies against piracy

Leading players in the Malaysian content industry have issued a joint statement condemning piracy in the country and celebrating the efforts of local authorities. The joint statement from a number of players ranging from producers to vendors highlighted that digital piracy costs the entertainment and media industry RM3 billion (€610 million) in lost revenue and […]

Malasyian company admits to selling piracy-facilitating Android boxes in first for country

A Malaysian businessman has pleaded guilty to promoting hardware and software which facilitates piracy in a first for the country.  A director of a Shah Alam-based company which sells an Android Box branded as Long TV admitted the company sells the product knowing that it would be used to bypass DRM protection on copyrighted works. […]

EPL piracy still high despite blanket coverage

A new survey of Brits has found that almost 1.9 million people in the country illegally streamed Premier League games in 2020. According to research from finance comparison site finder.com, 4% of respondents admitted to watch at least one game from the English Premier League without paying. The figure rises to 6% for zoomers aged […]

France’s Hadopi counts cost of piracy: 12m users, €1bn loss of earnings

Close to 12 million French internet users consumed pirated content last year, representing a loss of earnings of €1.03 billion to rights holders, according to figures released by the Haute autorité pour la diffusion des oeuvres et la protection des droits sur internet (Hadopi), the body set up over a decade ago to combat piracy. […]

Securing your revenue in the new age of video piracy: DTVE’s Digital Symposium looks at the threat and how to address it

As consumption of streaming video rises at the expense of traditional broadcast technology, the security challenges faced by service providers are also evolving. The next session in DTVE’s ongoing Digital Symposium will look at the state of current and future threats and how operators can address them – both through offering compelling content and a […]

UK police take “unprecedented step” in clamping down on piracy

Thousands of Brits believed to have been using illegal TV streaming services have been contacted by police.  In association with the Federation Against Copyright Theft (FACT), Norfolk and Suffolk Constabulary have taken what is described as an “unprecedented step” to issue individual warning notices to thousands of subscribers to a service called GE Hosting. GE […]

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