Saudi Arabia launches appeal into WTO beoutQ ruling and pulls out of Newcastle takeover

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has appealed against the World Trade Organisation (WTO) ruling which directly tied it with pirate broadcast operation beoutQ. The 130 page ruling stated that representatives of the state had facilitated the operation of beoutQ, which has pirated content from sports broadcasters around the world – chiefly that of Qatar-based beIN Media. […]

UEFA seeks new anti-piracy service provider

Europe’s football governing body UEFA has issued a tender for a new anti-piracy service provider. The move comes in the wake of an investigation into Saudi-operated pirate operation BeoutQ from the World Trade Organisation and at a time when illegal piracy of sports events is rife. In light of this, UEFA is looking to improve […]

Canal+ hails anti-piracy victory in Rennes

Five individuals responsible for creating and maintaining around 20 pirate sites in France have been found guilty by a Rennes criminal court following a complaint lodged by pay TV operators Canal+, BeiN Sport and RMC Sport. The three broadcasters filed the complaint in collaboration with the Association de Lutte contre la Piraterie Audiovisuelle (ALPA). The […]

Danish high court demands shutdown of pirate broadcaster Rojadirecta

The high court of Denmark has ruled that pirate broadcaster Rojadirecta is illegal and must be blocked by ISPs in the country. This decision came after a collaborative investigation into the pirate operation by Spanish football league La Liga and the Danish Rights Alliance. Puerto 80 Projects SLU, the company behind Rojadirecta, tried to appeal […]

Saudi Arabia vows to clean up piracy involvement as Newcastle takeover hangs in balance

The Saudi Arabian Football Federation (SAFF) has admitted it has a “responsibility” to help tackle piracy following the World Trade Organisation’s declaration that illegal sports broadcaster beoutQ was run by the Kingdom. According to the BBC, SAFF president Yasser Hassan Almisehal sent a letter to UEFA saying that it aims to be “a true partner […]

Police warn of illegal streaming dangers as Premier League returns

Brits have been warned against using pirate streams by the City of London Police’s Intellectual Property Crime Unit (PIPCU) and IP protection body FACT. With the English Premier League now back underway, PIPCU has issued a statement to highlight the risks that users put themselves at when they participate in the practice of illegal streaming. […]

Europol shuts down global piracy operation with 2 million paying subscribers

European police coordination agency Europol has taken down a pirate streaming operation that was providing illegal access to more than two million people and even had its own customer support network. According to the agency, the illegal streaming ring was in operation for over five years and offered more than 40 000 TV channels, movies, […]

British man convicted of selling over £100,000 of illegal streaming devices avoids jail

A British man has been convicted of costing broadcaster Sky £1 million through the sale of illegal streaming devices (ISDs). Mark Schofield, based in Radcliffe (a town in the Metropolitan Borough of Bury, Greater Manchester), pleaded guilty to selling a thousand ISDs to people across the north west, reports a local paper. It was found […]

Moscow court orders removal of three pirate sites in victory for La Liga

Spanish football league La Liga has won a ruling to remove illegal streams from pirate Russisan websites. It was announced on Monday that the Moscow City Court had ruled in its favour that three websites –  mou.su, hdtennis.ru and liveball.ru – had all been showing pirated broadcasts of LaLiga Santander matches in Russia during 2020. […]

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