FACT claims success in drive against piracy

Investigators from the Federation Against Copyright Theft (FACT) and police officers from the UK’s West Midlands and Warwickshire Police have visited addresses across the West Midlands region this week to serve ‘cease and desist’ notices to a number individuals suspected of supplying illegal sports streaming services.

FACT said that the initiative is aimed at preventing the illegal supply of IPTV streams, with investigators visiting homes across the region to serve notices requesting the individuals cease any illegal activity with immediate effect.

FACT has been working with the Government Agency Intelligence Network (GAIN) to gather intelligence on and disrupt organised crime groups associated with illegal streaming.

This latest action targeted individuals who were promoting unauthorised access to premium TV content, FACT said. While all the individuals visited were operating at a relatively low level, the objective was to prevent them from undertaking further criminal activity, and to deter others from getting involved, the organisation added.

FACT said that further actions of a similar nature are planned to take place throughout 2022.

“We employ a range of tactics to prevent the provision of illegal streaming. Our continuous activity targets different elements of the global piracy landscape, with consideration given to the scale of the offending to ensure effective and proportionate action is taken,” said Kieron Sharp, CEO of FACT.

“By taking these measures we are sending a clear message. Piracy is a crime, and it is taken seriously by the police. Non-compliance with the notices could lead to further law enforcement action. I would like to thank the GAIN and all the police units for their assistance in this initiative and look forward to further collaboration.”

A GAIN spokesperson said: “By working in partnership, sharing intelligence lawfully and efficiently, the GAIN aims to ensure that organisations such as FACT, along with law enforcement agencies will help reduce the risk, threat, and harm from serious and organised crime, in the most cost-effective way. This executive action is an example of joint working and shows partner and police dedication to disrupting and dismantling criminal enterprises, which is not your typical drugs and firearms but also high-level fraud that impacts our economy.”

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